Tips to tackle excessive sweating under breast

tips to tackle sweating under breast

Sweating from under the breast is a really a thing of pain for many ladies, and such experience in that area is quite irritating. This feeling will be best understood by ladies that have big breasts. Sweating from the area can be worse than it seems, for example, it can get embarrassing for you to workout at the gym full of people and also wipe away the dampness from your cleavage and under your breasts.

In this post i will be sharing useful tips which a lady can use to tackle the sweat under her breasts. This will be highly beneficial for ladies that have been suffering from this experience without having any possible solutions. Read on!

Tips for tackling sweating under the breast

1. Wear the right fabric
Sure cotton is the most breathable fibre, but polyester is excellent to wick away all the sweat. Also, avoid wearing satin and silk bras especially when you are working out. Instead of wearing body-hugging tops, wear loose ones that won’t get stuck on your skin. You can also use sweat soakers under your bra to absorb sweat and prevent sweat marks that show up on your dress. These tips will help you prevent sweat stains.

2. Stay hygienic
Use antibacterial soap to clean the area thoroughly below your breasts every day. Use an anti-bacterial soap containing triclosan which will help prevent infection in this area. Then dry yourself well with a towel. If possible, change your shirt twice or thrice in a day and always wear clean clothes.

3. Use an antiperspirant
A more efficient solution for excessive sweating under breasts is using an antiperspirant that contains aluminium chloride which blocks the openings of sweat ducts. Though these work best in the armpits, they also work on areas under the breasts and the palms. Apply it at night as the glands are less active that time and clean the area with soap when bathing. However, remember to get a prescribed antiperspirant from your doctor. Some corn flour can go a long way in absorbing the sweat.

4. Limit your intake of spicy foods
Certain food items make you sweat more. For example, spices like pepper can make you perspire profusely. Similarly, excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol can also make you sweat. Consumption of certain foods like onions can pass off their pungent smell into the sweat. So it is best that you do not indulge in too many spicy foods and drink a lot of water. 

If you follow this tips, then sweating under the breast will never be a problem of yours even if you are having a bigger size. Feel free to share these tips to as many that will be needing them.
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