6 exceptional foods that helps fight diabetes

food that fight diabetes

Diabetes is primarily a disease caused by the inability of the system to metabolize sugar. thereby making it to be excess in the blood, leading to further complications. As humans, diabetes can be difficult to live with at the best of times, and if it is not properly managed it can lead to various other health issues. In order to start fighting diabetes, it is important to understand how it is caused.

Diabetes is diagnosed when the body cannot properly process sugar in the blood stream, which leads to constant high levels of sugar in the body. This means that the pancreas has to make much more insulin than usual, and thus it can end up in the blood sugar levels spiking up and dropping down like a rollercoaster.

Usually medication is used to try and treat diabetes, but this may not be the best solution as it only targets the symptoms and not the root of the problem.

Alternative options to conventional Diabetes treatment

When it comes to alternative methods of treating diabetes, one of the main differences is addressing diabetes as part of your overall health improvement rather than a disease on its own. Recent studies suggest that certain foods have a blood sugar –stabilizing effect, which helps to fight diabetes.

Below are 6 exceptional food that helps combat diabetes:

1. Cinnamon
When conducting the studies, the researchers found that cinnamon could be used to lower blood sugar levels by up to 26% over the 40 day testing period. It is much more than just a festive spice!

2. Fenugreek seeds
This tangy spice that tastes a bit like licorice can be toasted and used in anything from salads to cereal. Not only does fenugreek help lower blood sugar levels, it is also a blood thinner. For this reason you should be careful when using it if you are on blood thinning medications.

3. Ginseng
Although it is not yet clear exactly how this herb works, but early results would suggest that it helps increase insulin production and slows down the decay of pancreatic beta-cells.

As with fenugreek, ginseng is also a blood thinner so keep this in mind if you are on certain medications.

4. Broccoli
Broccoli is a great source of chromium, which has been shown to help with blood sugar stabilization. Broccoli is also an excellent source of dietary fiber, which is also great when trying to treat diabetes.

5. Oatmeal
As mentioned above, fiber is great for treating diabetes. It has natural blood sugar stabilizing properties, and is also high in magnesium.

6. Peanuts
Peanuts and peanut butter are a great and tasty way to lower blood sugar levels. Both peanuts and peanut butter are very easy to add into your diet, which makes them some of the best options as blood stabilizing foods.

If you are suffering from diabetes, then make it a priority to consume these 6 exceptional foods in order to combat the disease. It is advisable to consult your doctor before making such decisions. For further drug prescription, you can shop for health products by clicking HERE
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