Tips to deal with withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking

quitting smoking withdrawal symptoms

Withdrawal symptoms is a normal experience a person normally have after quitting a particular addiction, example smoking. Whenever an individual tries to quit smoking, the symptoms he or she will experience includes; fatigue, nausea, headache and anxiety. In this page, briefly i will be giving out some tips as outlined by some nutritionist and health experts, which you can easy follow to deal with the withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting smoking.

Tips to fight withdrawal symptoms after quitting smoking

1. Stay hydrated
Always ensure that you drink a large quantity of water daily, because the more water you drink, the better you will feel. Regular drinking of water keeps you hydrated and it can help you fight the lethargy that is associated with dehydration. 

2. Consume a lot of vitamin C
Learn to increase your intake of vitamin C by consuming foods like lemons and oranges, because it can serve as a an aid in reducing your withdrawal symptoms. Vitamin C can boost your immunity and it can act as a protective antioxidant which fights the free radicals in your body increased by the negative chemical substance associated with smoking. 

3. Reduce your intake of acidic foods
Very few people who quits smoking do experience a peculiar bitter taste. If you want to deal with this problem or withdrawal symptom, you need to increase your consumption of alkaline foods such as dry nuts, lima beans, sprouts and raisins. You can also cut down the intake of acidic foods such as coffee, bread, dairy products, tea and meat.

4. Take a walk
Always take a walk for about 30 minutes in a day in order to boost your metabolism and keep your energy levels at its peak. Walking can also release neurotransmitters that can help reduce stress and anxiety. 

5. Practice yoga
By practicing yoga, it can get your immunity boosted, increase your oxygen level and also boost your energy kevels. 

These are just some few tips which someone who is suffering from withdrawal symptoms of quitting smoking can easily adopt so as to deal with the negative experience. Healthy living should always be our goal and watch word. Feel free to share this little but useful piece of information.
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