Useful tips for your vagina health

maintaining the vagina health

Maintaining the vagina health should be a top priority for all ladies. It is important for women to have the knowledge that their vagina can easily gets infected by various microorganisms if proper attention and care is not given to it. For example, the heat and moisture that is been generated by the body is capable of making the vagina susceptible to yeast infection. Below are some useful tips which can be adopted in maintaining the vagina health.

It is quite obvious that we are experiencing a hot season, so the temperature is definitely so high. Because of the increased temperature, our body generates lots of heat which in one way or the other have a negative effect on our reproductive organs, both that of male and female. Using the vagina as a case study in this post, follow this simple tips in order to make it healthy during hot season
Tips for maintaining the vagina health

1. Switch to cotton underwear
Start by switching your synthetic underwear to cotton ones. And if you love wearing thongs you might want to consider an alternative as they can cause irritation along your bikini line. Opt for boy shorts instead as they will allow for maximum air flow and minimise the irritation.

2. Avoid skinny stuffs
Avoid wearing skinny jeans and tight shorts as all the heat, moisture and friction and irritate the skin. A good thumb rule to know if your pant is fitting you right is to see if you can put down your hands below the waistband.

3. Make it mild
Who does not like to step out of the cold shower smelling fresh? But those chemical laden soaps can be harsh on your delicate part and can dry out the area. Use a mild soap in the sensitive area. When you are on-the-go occasionally clean the area with wipes to keep it free from bacteria and odour.

4. Wash your towel regularly
Also, wash your towel regularly. Your towel can breed bacteria and lead to recurring yeast infections. So, it should be best prevented.

5. Sleep naked
Last and not the least, sleeping naked in summers (hot seasons) can be a great way to let your body breathe. You also cannot miss out on these summer skincare tips.

If you notice a yeasty or mushy scent in your vagina, you need to see your doctor as it could be an indication of a skin condition. Follow this useful tips always, in order to maintain your vagina health.
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