5 major tips for choosing the right vaginal wash

choosing the right vaginal wash

The vagina is a vital, female reproductive organ which needed adequate attention and care for it to remain in a healthy state. The use of vaginal wash in order to achieve this purpose, have been in vogue for some time now, although it have been a topic that is creating much debate regarding if it is healthy to use one or not. Though the debate persist, in my opinion, i would conclude that choosing the right vaginal wash and using it the right way remains the key to maintain the vagina's personal hygiene.

It is of highly important to maintain the cleanliness of one's vagina, this is because improper cleaning is capable of increasing the risks of recurrent UTI (urinary tract infections), fungal or yeast infections, and may result to vaginal dryness in extreme cases. Having all these in mind, using a vaginal wash in keeping the vaginal clean should be dine with caution. In assisting you in choosing the right vaginal wash, here are some 5 major tips that are listed by experts in the field, which you can easily adhere to while searching for a perfect vaginal wash

5 tips for choosing the right vaginal wash

1. Stay away from the scented ones
Many ladies harbour the belief that fragrant vaginal washes keeps a lady clean. and fresh with a good scent at that spot. However, it have been observed that scented vaginal washes contain harmful chemicals, that are responsible for its pleasant smell. This harmful chemicals can eventually lead to skin irritation and allergy around the female genitals. If as a lady, you are still having in mind to stick to fragrant vaginal washes, then it is preferable you choose the one that has a very mild fragrance.

2. Check for lactic acid
Lactic acid is commonly found in sour or fermented milk. This acid is known to possess an excellent cleaning properties which helps in maintaining the pH of the vagina. It does not only maintains the acidic environment in the vagina, it also help in preventing the growth of bacteria, which makes it almost impossible for infection to occur. 

3. Choose the one that contains glycerin
Glycerin is a popular humectant (any substance that attracts moisture or promotes the retention of water), which maintains the moisture of the vagina and keeps the vagina hydrated. If you are a lady suffering from vaginal dryness or you are having a dry skin around your genitals, using a vaginal wash that contains glycerin can be of great help.

4. Look for sodium lauryl sulphate
Sodium lauryl sulphate is a common ingredient that is found in soaps and shampoos. They form micelles (small compounds that clean the bacteria and dirt present) around the vagina, thereby, keeping it healthy and clean. Sodium lauryl sulphate also helps in preventing bacterial infections.
Note: you should ensure that the quantity of sodium lauryl sulphate in the vagina wash is minute, because excess of it might also lead to itching and skin rash.

5. Ensure that it contains caprylic/capric glycerides
 The main function of caprylic/capric glycerides is to keep the skin hydrated and also replenish the skin of its lost moisture. The difference between this compound and glycerine is that glycerine, which is hygroscopic (a compound which attracts moisture from its environment), attracts moisture from the skin as in this case whereas this compound does not. As a result of this, it is always advisable to choose a vaginal wash that contains both glycerin and this compound, in order to have a better result.

In summary, there are various opinion about cleaning the vaginal with a vaginal wash, but you have to agree with me that having a clean and healthy vagina is highly essential.
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