Symptoms and treatment of Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome

symptoms and treatment of poly cystic ovary syndrome

PCOS stands for Poly Cystic Ovary Syndrome. Here the ovaries develop several tiny follicles, conjointly referred to as cysts of 4-10mm. Poly suggests that it is "many" and ‘cysts’ are tiny closed sacs full of fluid. It usually happens generally in feminine population however is more prevailing in infertility populations.

Its cause isn't well known, though it's doubtless to be due to some inherited disease or genetic disorders. It causes hypoglycemic agent (insulin) resistance, a condition wherever sugar lowering endocrine hypoglycemic agent (insulin), fails in its action. This results in secretion or hormonal imbalance, inflicting failure of follicles to mature and ovulate.

The immature follicles in PCOS manufacture a lot of androgen (male hormone) than steroid (female hormone). Oral contraceptive pills forestall development of immature follicles, however don't dissolve the present follicles/cysts. The existing cysts dry up naturally over time. In distinction Clomiphene develops mature follicles which area unit of 17 to 18mm or more in size. These produces a lot of estrogen as well as ovulate.
Clomiphene also doesn't dissolve the present follicles/cysts.

Symptoms of PCOS

The immature follicles, generally referred to as cysts manufacture a lot of androgen/testosterone inflicting the following symptoms:

1.      Infrequent or absent periods (amennorhea ) as a result of hormonal imbalance.
2.      Infertility as a result of failure of ovulation.
3.      Acne and excess hair on the body (hirsutism), as a result of excess androgen.
4.      Weight gain and fleshiness (obesity), as a result of diminished insulin action.

How to Treat PCOS

PCOS isn't utterly reversible, however there are variety of treatments that may cut back the symptoms. The treatment varies reckoning on the actual problem in a woman.

Irregular periods: If the most problem is irregular periods, then the standard treatment is that the oral contraceptive pill.

Infertility: Ovulation can be induced by the use Clomiphene.

Excessive hair growth : Suppression of male endocrine production with tablets like the oral contraceptive pill or with an anti-male hormone drug called Cyproterone acetate used for a minimum of nine months.

Obesity: An amendment in life style with low fat diet and exercise will cut back weight. Metformin ,a drug used for diabetes may also cut back weight and improve hormonal imbalance.

In all, it is actually advisable to consult an obstetrician and gynaecologist before arriving at any conclusion, hence resulting to self-medication. As a medical professional in that field, they can ascertain the proper prescription that will suit a particular patient after diagnosis.

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