Some foods that inhibits the absorption of iron

foods that inhibits iron absorption

If you have taken your time to study some articles or literatures on nutritional biochemistry, you would have had the knowledge of the importance of iron in the body system, hence, the importance of its absorption. It is a fact that iron is an essential element to humans. Deficiency of iron (anaemia) can lead to symptoms like light headedness, fatigue, dizziness and breathlessness.

Studies have discovered that women in some parts of the world do suffer from anaemia. This situation have attracted lots of concern in the medical field. Now let me bring this to your knowledge, how many of you are aware that the consumption of certain foods could have an interference with the process of absorbing iron? You are definitely amazed, right? Let me bring to you, 6 different foods you need to consume on a moderate proportion if you know you are struggling with iron deficiency.

1. Black and herbal teas
Studies have discovered that the consumption of black and herbal tea can inhibit the absorption of iron by 50 to 70%. If you are suffering from anaemia, then you need to generally cut on your consumption of these teas. If you still wish for a cup of tea, then remember to take it only between meals and not along with your food.

2. Coffee
Just like tea, the same goes with coffee.  Coffee is another beverage that have the ability of interfering with the body's absorption of iron. The reason is because both coffee and tea contains polyphenols. Polyphenols are directly responsible for the inhibition of iron absorption in the body system.

3. Chocolates
Yes! this will definitely come as a bad news for those that have great penchants for chocolates. Studies have also discovered that cocoa can inhibit the absorption of iron by nearly 71%. If you are been diagnosed with anaemia, then my advice for you is to decrease the amount of chocolates you consume on a daily basis.

4. Soybean
The proteins from soybean or any soy products contains an acid known as phytate. The presence of this acid makes it to exhibit an inhibiting property on iron absorption. The acid has the tendency of binding to with the iron and therefore, prevents your body from actually absorbing the iron.

5. Calcium
Foods that are rich in calcium, and some other dairy products are also good inhibitors of iron absorption. People suffering from anaemia should also cut their consumption of cheese and yoghurt or curd.

6. Eggs
The last on my list is eggs. Just as we have no doubt that eggs are one of the healthiest foods, just like i discussed about here, it also have its own negative aspects too. A study published in the American Journal of Nutrition revealed that eggs also contain a protein that binds with iron and prevents it from getting absorbed.

In conclusion, if you are anaemic or suffering from the deficiency of iron, then it is advisable for you to checkmate your consumption of the above mentioned foods.
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