Cravings that are unfavourable to your diet with some healthy options

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Cravings are strong desire or yearning for something, you just feel that inner desire to carry out that function at that particular time irrespective of the hazards or dangers involved. Relating it to diet, most times we crave to eat a particular food without having the knowledge if it is best for us at that moment or if it is quite unhealthy.

Cravings for some particular food is actually diets worst enemy. For example, while watching our favourite TV program or a movie and been seated on the couch, we just feel like eating a particular bugger, having a bucket of ice cream close by or a tray of pizza. The issue is that at the end you might probably be regretting it later on. Below i will be listing out some most common cravings and some healthy options you can use as replacement and still maintain a healthy diet.

1. Ice cream
Ice cream is been termed as a classical pitfall for diet. While watching a movie in a theatre, most people do go as far as consuming more than three bowls of ice cream without having the knowledge that a single serving of vanilla ice cream has about 230 calories. This is definitely not healthy for a weight loss plan.
differrent flavours of ice cream

Healthy option: Frozen yogurt should be a better alternative because it has less fat and half the calories of ice cream. And presently there are unlimited flavour selections you can choose from.

2. Potato chips
The cravings for potato chips is definitely so high, because once you finish eating one there is definitely a desire to eat more. A small packet of potato chips has more than 150 calories in it, and it will eventually leave you craving for more. This can be a big problem when you find yourself watching your favourite TV show with a big bag of chips by your side.
potato chips

Healthy option: Celery or carrot sticks with hummus or pure avocado dip is a great, healthy alternative for snacking while watching the TV.

3. Chocolate
It is quite funny because men might start pointing fingers and claiming that women are the ones guilty of consuming a whole lot of chocolates in order to satisfy their cravings, but we all know that men secretly consume chocolates once in a while.
bars of chocolate

Healthy option: Dark chocolate should be a better option, it is simply a treat. Ensure that its composition is at least 60% of cocoa, the more the better. 

4. Movie popcorn
Air-popped corn is actually a great and healthy snack that is very low in calories. But the type of pop corn that is been served in the movies is very unhealthy because they are popped in unhealthy oil and butter. A large bowl of pop corn served in the movies can give as close as 1000 calories.
movie popcorn

Healthy option: As i already mention above, air-popped corn is a better alternative and a fantastic snack too. 

5. Pizza
Everybody likes pizza, but pizza adds a whole lot of calories to our diet. A slice of pizza contains about 250 to 300 calories, and it may be more depending on other ingredients found on it.

Healthy option: It is preferable if you can make your own pizza at home u sing a whole-wheat base. To make it more fun, add some healthy vegetables and a bit of meat, as well as some low-fat cheese on it.

6. Pasta
Pasta is a favourite food from the Italian origin. Although some pasta sauces can be quite unhealthy, the problem is that we put it over a big heap of refined pasta. The carbs in this will definitely increase your calorie count.

Healthy option: A better option is whole-grain pasta and a vegetable-based sauce.

7. French fries
French fries is indeed an inevitable food whenever you are in a restaurant. However, French fries contain enough calories to form an entire meal on their own.
a bowl of french fries

Healthy option: It is better to behave yourself and take the side salad or fruit available.

8. Salted and roasted nuts
It is quite important for us to have in mind that not all nuts are actually good nuts. Nuts that have been salted and roasted piles up calories very easily. And the same way with chips, they are very quite addictive once you start munching on them.
salted and roasted nut

Healthy option: Raw almonds, walnuts and pecan nuts are much healthier, but they still contain some amount of calories. It is better for you to keep track on what you eat.

9. Coffee
Coffee on its own is very low in calories. The problem get started when we start to add sugar, full cream milk, cream and even whipped cream into our coffee. At the end, you might be sitting close to a jug containing about 400 calories.
cup of coffee

Healthy option: The best alternative is to drink a cup of coffee without milk or sugar. If this decision is quite difficult for you, opt for non-fat milk or soy milk and still avoid sugar.
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