7 Natural ways to straighten your hair

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Every lady wants a natural straight and shiny hair, but the ways of achieving it can be sometimes time consuming, and can also cause damage to a healthy hair during the process. Because of the beautiful appearance of a straight hair on a lady, it has become a trending fashion. The negative aspect of most tools and products used in straightening the hair is that they can irritate and eve cause damage to the hair and scalp.

Products like straightening irons, chemical straigtheners, and many other hair products are the worse way you can use to straighten your hair. Instead of using these options which have their negative sides, why not opt for natural products which you can easily use and achieve a better result with less difficulties. The advantage again is that this natural products are very common, you can easily find them around you, and simply make use of them.

In this article, we shall be looking at some of the natural ways you can straighten your hair. These natural techniques will aid in moisturizing, relax, and straighten your hair without any side-effects of chemicals or heat on your hair. Overall, it will keep your hair healthy. Continue reading to know what these natural products are and how they can be used.

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1. Milk
Mix same quantity of milk and water, and add the mixture in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on your entangled hair and allow it to stay for about 30 minutes. Finally, you wash your hair with shampoo and condition it. Practice this for some while to achieve a straight, shiny hair.

2. Eggs and Olive oil
Crack two piece of eggs and mix them thoroughly together with 4 table spoons of olive oil. Apply the mixture on your scalp and comb your hair gently. Allow it to stay for about 30 minutes, then you finally wash your hair using lukewarm water.

3. Hot oil treatments
Having a consistent and regular hot oil treatment is one of the best ways to keep your hair smooth and well hydrated. There are various oils you can use such as; coconut, almond, sesame or olive oil for these hot treatment. This process involves applying the oil your hair, and massage gently. Finally you wash with lukewarm water.

4. Fuller's earth
Mix a cup of fuller's earth, add to it an egg white and two table spoons of rice flour. Mix this mixture thoroughly and apply it on your scalp and allow it to stand for about 30 minutes. Finally you wash it with plain water and condition it. You will certainly achieve that straight hair you desire.

5. Aloe Vera
Aloe Vera has enzymes that makes your hair smooth, soft and moisturises it. As a result of its moisturising property it helps in straightening your hair properly. Simply apply the flesh of an aloe vera piece on your scalp then you wash it off with cold water.

6. Apple cider vinegar
The Apple cider vinegar is a great ingredient for straightening the hair. It helps in restoring the hair's natural pH levels and promotes healthy hair growth. Simply make a mix of one teaspoon of vinegar in a cup of palm water. Apply the mixture on your hair, allow it to try, then you rinse it off with cold water.

7. Castor oil and Soybean oil
Make a mixture of castor oil and soybean oil in the ratio of 2:1. Warm the mixture before applying it on your hair. Allow the mix to stay on your scalp for about an hour. Wash it off with lukewarm water then you apply a conditioner.

These are the few natural ways you can straighten your hair. Choose any of them and make your hair shiny and straight.
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