Going the alkaline way? here are 5 simple steps to follow in order to achieve a positive result

5 steps to achieve a positive result

After having a concise knowledge about the harmful effects of acidosis (or over acidification) in the system of the human body due to high consumption of acidic foods in the diet, it is proper that we make a right decision by going the "alkaline way" . Just like most addictions, it might be quite difficult to take a step of change by removing a whole lot of acidic foods from our diet. But in this post i am going to reveal 5 simple steps of which as many that have chosen to go the alkaline way can easily adopt in order to achieve a fruitful result.

Before proceeding to the steps, let me give a recap of how over acidification endangers the human body system, the necessary need of going the "alkaline way" and what the "alkaline way" is all about.

The internal environment of the human body is maintained at a pH between 6.5 to 7.5, which is alkaline in nature. For the necessary cell reactions and functions to occur, the body needs to maintain this pH. While the body have that capability of maintaining its pH, there is a limit to how much it can neutralize. Over-acidification or accumulation of excess acid can occur from one or more of the following conditions: 

·         Acid-forming diet
·         Distress
·         Toxins (or their metabolites) that are acidic
·         Immune reactions

Now what is the alkaline way?

The alkaline way is a program based on foods that are predominantly alkaline forming. These foods directly neutralizes excess metabolic acids and makes it possible for the body to maintain sustained health and immune competence.

When involved in it for some time, the alkaline way can help you in restoring your digestive and immune system competence. Now let us look at the 5 simple steps involved.

5 steps in following the alkaline way

1. Hydration
Studies have discovered that about 90% of people are chronically dehydrated and this is having a great consequence on the quality of life. It amazes me when i overhead some people saying that they dislike drinking water and i ask myself, how do they go through the hassles of the day?

Getting properly hydrated on a daily basis will contribute positively to your health, vitality, energy and immunity. Everything in the human's system is been influenced by the quantity and quality of water that we drink. Ensure to filter the water that you drink and make it alkaline with a pH between 8 and 9.5.

2. Go green
To make it clearer, the alkaline diet is all about alkaline foods. Alkaline foods are those that are good for your health, they includes:

·         Fresh vegetables
·         Salads
·         Leafy greens
·         Low sugar fruits
·         Nuts
·         Seeds
·         Healthy oils
·         Unrefined, organic, and high-water-content foods

Over consumption of acidic foods are bad for the health, they includes:

·         Refined foods
·         Fast foods
·         Trans-fats
·         Meat
·         Dairy
·         Sugar
·         White bread
·         White pasta and rice
·         Condiments
·         Alcohol
·         Chocolate
·         Chips
·         Ice cream
·         Pizza

3. Transition
It is a process, so i will advice you take it slow. Most people that took the decision of following the alkaline, tends to compromise within a week and some immediately after 24 hours. Sounds funny, right?

The alkaline diet is not difficult, not restrictive at all and is really simple, once you have gotten accustomed with it. Most people that tried to be perfect from day 1 misses the chance to learn, experiment and find meals that will work for them and their families. They end up, feeling hungry, fed up and restricted.

It is far better to transit and get there slowly, by following it for a long term basis rather than to be perfect for a day or two and then end crashing.

4. Oxygen
By involving in a simple breathing exercise once or twice in a day you will be giving your body a huge helping hand in removing these acids. Plus it allows you to stop, focus your mind, visualize and relax, which is also nicely alkalizing.

5. Supplement
This part is the most overwhelming and confusing aspect of the alkaline diet for most beginners. There are so many supplements in the market and pharmacy stores all promising different things and all claiming they are better than the others, The following are recommended supplements

·         Green powder
·         Alkaline water
·         Alkaline minerals
·         Omega oils

The alkaline diet is simple when taken slowly, when you aim at a low target rather than perfection, and when you still allow yourself treats and fun. Take it easy, have a sense of humour with it and enjoy it.
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