Shaving tips for a properly groomed beard

shaving tips for men

Growing beards have been one top priority for younger men once they reaches the age of puberty. As some achieves this quest easily once they reaches puberty, some group find it quite difficult or seemingly impossible. This is because the hormones that triggers the secretion or production of facial hair is quite low and partially effective. This group of men are been termed "baby face" because of the lack of facial hair or beards on their face.

Now let us go back to the other groups of men that eventually develops beards. Growing a beard is one aspect, another aspect that is of concern is the actual grooming of the beards. How does a man takes care of his facial hair? Does it appear neat to the eyes? Is it well groomed? Having all these questions in  mind will trigger a bearded man that there is still much work to be done. Now in this post we are going to be looking at shaving tips that will enable a man to have a properly groomed beard.

Shaving tips

Shaving has been a part of everyday rituals of a great population of men around the world. Though there are different races and tradition, shaving has a well known manner that every man can follow, in particular for those who lives without beards.

So what shaving tips can we practice to have an “expert shave”? Let us look at the following:

Tip 1
Viewing that commonly, shaving has to be carried out nearly every day, it is quite better to apply post-shave moisturizer. The is because while you shave, the uppermost layer of the skin is being removed. So you can compensate by the usage of an after-shave. And if not needed, you could bypass a shave for the day.

Tip 2
To experience the closest possible shave, it is better to soften your facial hair first by using steam or exfoliant. Hot water or steam can soften the pores that could result to an easy and smooth shave. The equal impact goes with exfoliants.

Tip 3
To be on a safe side, it is much better to shave with the grain. This will prevent the threat of having razor burns or cuts. yet, as some may also argue, going against the grain will imply a closer shave. Consequently, you may first shave with the grain, then reapply a lather on skin, after which you shave against it.

Tip 4
To avoid razor burns, make it certain to use a clean and sharp razor. if you are making use of an electric powered razor, make sure that it is properly cleaned before using it again. After a shave, splash cold water on your face to immediately close the pores.

Tip 5
Avoid aftershave that is alcohol-based, since you consider that it could leave the skin tight and dry. The great choice could be oil-based aftershaves or those having moisturizers.

Tip 6
A shaving cream can be used, simply make sure to keep away from the usage of soaps for the reason that they are able to cause skin dryness and irritation. Olive oil may be used as an alternative for shaving cream.

With these tip, you bearded guys are actually prepared to have that expert shave of yours in order to achieve a properly groomed beard.
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