Polysaccharides and their health benefits to the body

health benefits of polysaccharide

Polysaccharides play a major role in the overall health of humans. Polysaccharides are many types of saccharides (a form of sugar) joined together in a variety of bonds to produce diverse styles of molecules. These massive long chains needs to be degraded (or broken down) into smaller molecules before they could without difficulty be digested by the body system. Polysaccharides can be present in different form of carbohydrate foods which are capable of providing sustainable energy.

The large amount of saccharides are connected in two ways, which are:

Starchy polysaccharides are made up of simple sugars and need time to be degraded and be absorbed by the body system. Starch aids in maintaining healthy blood sugar levels and provide fast accessible energy. The liver and muscle do store starches from meals in the form of glycogen as backup energy.

Non-Starchy polysaccharides consist of cellulose, pectin and a number of different groups. vegetables and fruits and their seeds are covered by a cellulose protection which offers a crunchy texture when eaten. Even though it is not digested easily, cellulose acts as a supply of nutritional fiber, which adds more bulk to your stools. They play an essential role in proper immune functioning, detoxification of the body, and digestion. Pectin is a good source of soluble fiber. Soluble fiber prolongs the emptying of your belly to help you experience satiated (fuller) for a longer time frame, which can be a very useful resource in weight reduction.

Foods that contains polysaccharides

A healthy diet needs to consist of polysaccharides for complete health. Polysaccharides can be taken as a supplement. but, raw foods are  natural source that can be digested easily. Essential polysaccharides should be consumed in the diet and they are found in raw foods. In addition they have a low glycemic index, which can be extremely beneficial to your health. Foods that are made up of polysaccharides consist of foods like potatoes, rice, corn, bread, cereals, barley, pasta, mushrooms, oats, carrots, flax seed, nuts, whole grains, pumpkin seeds,  spinach, beets, legumes, root vegetables, dried beans, bananas, oranges, apples, and pears. Other food sources are onions, radishes, garlic, tomatoes, apricots, cabbage, grapefruit, leeks, fenugreek, , kelp, figs, sea vegetables and psyllium seeds.

How polysaccharides benefits your health and body

The best way to maintain your body healthy and running properly is through preventative care and maintenance. A healthy body starts with prevention for you to desist from requiring treatment. Polysaccharides brings health benefits to the body in many ways, some of them are as follows:

1.      Enhances your mood by means of releasing “feel good” hormones which are located on your brain that will help you feel happy.

2.      Reduce cholesterol level

3.      Reduce high blood pressure

4.      Stabilize blood sugar (that is extremely important for humans who have diabetes)

5.      Regulates digestion and enhance intestinal health

6.      Reduce the risk of certain cancers

7.      Aid in restoration of wounds and other common ailments (like relieving diarrhea and heartburn)

8.      Promotes cardiovascular health to prevent degenerative sicknesses (which includes heart disease)

9.      Improves liver function when ingested

10.  Eliminate fatigue by  growing your energy reserves

Nutrition and health benefits of polysaccharides

Starchy carbohydrates contains high fat, but they contain much less than half the calories of fat included in your diet. Polysaccharides are great supplies of fiber, calcium, iron,  and vitamins and have to be included in your daily diet. Keep nutritional polysaccharides healthy and more nutritious by cooking your meals in healthy oils, such as vegetable or olive oil. Desist from frying foods to lessen fats intake even further by using healthier cooking methods (like baking or steaming). Healthy cooking methods assist keep most of the nutritional value of foods and help maintain a healthier way of life.
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