See the health benefits of sleeping without a pillow

health benefits of sleeping without a pillow

I know this might sound funny or strange, but how many of you know the fact that there are health benefits associated with sleeping without a pillow? On the contrary i am not against the use of pillows. Pillows are not just meant for the head and neck, depending on sleeping positions, making use of additional pillows keeps the spine in a proper position. But yet, do not over rule the fact that sleeping without a pillow is much healthier and better for you.

Yes, we all know that a pillow supports the head, but sleeping without one can also prevent you from developing other ailments like wrinkles, neck pain and spine related problems. Sleeping with a pillow that is too high can put your neck in a position that can lead to muscle strain on your neck, back and shoulders. So if you observe you are suffering from any of this these problems, it is time you ditch those pillows and sleep without one.

But however, if you are advised to always sleep with a pillow, and if it is a compulsion, choose a pillow that will keep your neck aligned with the chest and lower back. And also, the pillow that that you sleep on should be adjustable, so that it won't prevent sleeping in different positions as per your comfort. But if you have the full opportunity, i will say it is best and healthy to sleep without a pillow.
Now let us look at the health benefits of sleeping without a pillow.

1. It benefits the spine
If you are the type that usually experience back aches, it is better to get rid of those pillows. Sleeping without a pillow allows the back to rest in its natural position, while sleeping on a thick pillow displaces some portion of the spine which will result into back pain.

2. It benefits the neck
The main reason for such ruthless pain in the back and shoulder is the presence of a pillow. Hence, sleeping without one assist in creating a better circulation in the neck region, which eradicates the pain in the neck and at the same time prevent neck aches.

3. It benefits the face
During the course of our night sleep, we tend to wrestle our face and bury it in the pillow, this act is the major cause for wrinkles. So, in order to prevent wrinkle formation on the face, it is advisable to sleep without a pillow.

4. It benefits your sleep
Experts confirmed that sleeping with a pillow disrupts your quality of sleep. However, if you are sleeping without one, you tend to be more relaxed, which eventually improves the quality of your sleep.

How to sleep without a pillow
Sleeping without a pillow is rather tough. If you want to adopt this method of sleeping without a pillow, just follow this simple steps:

Do not immediately shift to the method of sleeping without a pillow, as a sudden change can be very uncomfortable and this might hinder the sleep pattern as well

Use a folded towel as a pillow for the first week. Fold the towel to more or less the same height as your former pillow.

The next week, remove one of the folds, as you are getting used to it, decrease the height of the folded towel gradually. Make sure you keep your head aligned as you reduce the height of your pillow. If you are lying on your back, ensure that your chin is not pointing up towards the ceiling.

When the towel is completely in the same level as the bed or the ground (depending on where you sleep), practice a few stretch exercises for the back and neck, so that there won't be sprain or other aches that you may experience while sleeping without a pillow.
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