Growing beard: bacteria in beards capable of killing superbugs

bacteria in beard capable of killing superbugs

In case you grow your beard for sheer laziness and do not have time to keep it clean then it may be healthy for you, according to what the scientists say. Scientists have discovered bacteria in beards that may be a solution to superbugs. Beard bacteria are capable of killing superbugs effectively and it can be found to be more potent than medicines which are designed to kill the superbugs.

Superbugs are methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) that cannot be killed with methicillin and associated antibiotics. Regular and over usage of antibiotics for conditions in which they may not be required for had created a mutation in the bacteria strains and thus the superbugs came to existence. The antibiotic resistance in superbugs makes it harder to treat. MRSA is connected to skin infections and bloodstream infections.

A present research by the British government has anticipated that drug-resistant superbugs can in all likelihood kill more than 10 million people annually by the year 2050. The research was carried out with samples from 20 beards and nearly 25% of the sample confirmed activity in opposition to the indicator strain.

The type of bacteria from the beard was analysed on an agar plate which has been pre-inoculated with a strain of the indicator organism. The researchers checked if the indicator strain can grow right near the colonies taken from the beard or other locations.

The beard strain was distinctly observed to be powerful in killing indicator strain and the researchers inferred that those bacteria in reality produce antibiotics themselves.

A researcher from University College London, Dr. Adam Roberts has been asking participants of the general public to send swab samples from places in which micro organism can thrive, The medical science field have been running short of new discoveries of antibiotics with only few new antibiotics developed since the 1950s and 60s. Therefore, this may be an essential discovery of this era because of the anticipation of the British government record that says superbugs can kill 10 million humans and incur a cost of $100 trillion USD by 2050.

Men are you considering growing a beard? Ladies, have you been giving your spouse or the man in your life a hard time for having a beard? There may is some medical reasons as to why beards perhaps may be a great thing. There are some scientists that now say men’s beards can help to develop new antibiotics that could kill the bacteria known as “superbugs.” So think twice before calling someone a “Fuzz Face?”

British researchers engaging in a separate study observed at least 100 types of bacteria developing in test subjects’ beards. They say such type of bacteria could kill dangerous micro organism. Like we have stated before "Superbugs" is the name given to bacteria which might be resistant to antibiotics already being used. With the estimated mortality rate given by the researchers that resistance to antibiotics should kill 10 million people and cost as much as a hundred trillion dollars by the year 2050, efforts needs to be made until “superbugs” are kept under control. While researchers are hopeful, they are saying we should be patient, as it does take time to create and test all new antibiotics.
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