Health benefits of exercising while pregnant

exercising while pregnant

The health benefits of exercising while a woman is pregnant can neither be underestimated nor over emphasized. When a pregnant woman involves in regular routine of exercise, it will not only her get through her daily tasks or cope with a demanding schedule, it also helps her to get back into shape after childbirth. Physical exercise prepares a pregnant woman for child birth by strengthening the muscles and building endurance.

First of all, a pregnant woman should ensure she consults her health care provider before embarking on any form of exercise regimen. Experts said that while most forms of exercise regimen are safe, there are others that involved movements and positions that eventually might be uncomfortable or harmful to you.

Genuinely, embarking on regular exercise or physical activities while pregnant stretches and strengthens the muscles, and this helps the body to cope better with the aches and pains experienced during pregnancy, and prepares you to be stronger during labour and time of delivery.

Exercise have been found to be so beneficial during pregnancy that gynaecologists and obstetricians recommends at least 30 minutes of exercise in a day, most days of the week.

However, the ideal form of exercise gets your heart pumping, manages weight gain, keeps you limber, and prepares your muscles without causing any physical stress to you or the baby in the womb.

There is for sure no form of doubt about it that exercise is a big plus for both a pregnant woman and her baby, if complications do not limit her ability to engage in exercising throughout her pregnancy. Now let us look at some fantastic exercises a pregnant woman will actually love to carry out.

Walking is one of the best form of cardiovascular exercise for pregnant women. it keeps a pregnant woman fit without clashing her knees or ankles. It is also one of the easiest exercise to carry out, almost anywhere. It does not require any form of equipment apart from a good pair of supporting shoes. Walking is actually safe throughout the 9 months pregnancy period.

Fitness experts and health care providers all supports that swimming is the best and safest exercise for women that are pregnant. Swimming is perfect because it provides cardiovascular benefits, exercises both large group of muscles (arms and legs), and makes a pregnant woman to feel weightless despite the extra pounds of weight she is carrying because of her pregnancy.

A pregnant woman can get her heart pumping by she dancing to her favourite music in the comfort of her own living room, or at a dance class, but she should avoid dancing routines that involves jumps, leaps or twirls.

Yoga aids in maintaining the muscle tones and keeps you flexible with little or no impacts on your joints. But you may still have to mix yoga regimen with swimming or walking several times in a week in order to give your heart a work out.

Stretching exercise is perfect in keeping your body limber and relaxed, at the same time preventing muscle strain. Stretching should be added to cardiovascular exercises in order to get a complete workout.

In summary, engaging in exercises while pregnant helps you to restore your body back to shape after childbirth. This fact alone should serve as a motivation for pregnant women to embark on a pregnancy exercise regimen. When you do maintain your muscle tone and strength throughout the period of pregnancy, your body will have an easier time for it to bounce back after child birth.
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