Why you should consider switching to alkaline foods

choosing an alkaline food

Are you really willing to make a commitment to your health and balance your intake of daily food? Then you have to take a look at your diet from a different perspective. I guess you should consider switching to alkaline foods. Think about an alkaline diet which entails starting your day with alkalizing and alkaline foods, that will assist in restoring the pH balance of your system and get rid of acid wastes.

In humans, the general metabolic process of the body depends solely on an alkaline environment. The internal system lives and dies at the cellular level. The billions of cells which makes up the entire human body are slightly alkaline, and they must maintain their alkaline nature in order for them to function properly and remain healthy and alive.

For a start, one of the most important condition is to hydrate our body with alkaline water. It has a pH range between 9 and 11, and it neutralizes harmful wastes and removed them gently from the tissues. Aside hydrating the body with alkaline water, it is of utmost importance to create a proper balance between alkaline and acid forming food through a healthy alkaline diet.

What are alkaline foods?

Alkaline foods are mostly green foods and vegetables, especially those that are raw. Most of alkalizing foods are wheat and alfalfa grasses, most kinds of sprouts and fresh cucumber. Furthermore, fruits like avocados, tomatoes, and limes also have an alkalizing effect on the body, as well as most kinds of seeds, fresh soybeans, tofu, almonds, and olive oil.

Some other healthy alkaline food are flax oil, sun flower, millet, brown basmati rice, soaked almonds, fresh avocado, tomato slices, green vegetable juices or vegetable soups. All these sets of foods offer a low supply of carbohydrate, high fibre and delicious nutrition and it surely provides a way to nourish your body's system with what it really needs preventing the body cells to over-acidify. Greens, fresh vegetables and grasses are an excellent anti-fungal and anti-yeast supplement. Besides, by consuming this set of foods, the blood sugar levels will not increase drastically and hence, will not cause an increase in blood insulin.

Green grasses such as wheat or barley grass are some of the lowest lowest-sugar, lowest-calorie and most nutrient-rich types of food found on earth, and they contain high amount of fibre.
Having talked so much about alkaline foods and alkaline diet, i am so sure you might be considering the idea of switching fully to this healthy kinds of foods. To summarize this introduction to alkaline diets, let us look at the general rule.

General rule: Green food for breakfast, green for lunch and green food for diner.
The most thing that is essentially important for humans, is the green pigment called chlorophyll. The chlorophyll pigment found in plants and grasses is identical to the blood found in humans, except for one atom. The chlorophyll is the only known and existing substance that is capable of transforming sunlight into eatable energy, a process which without it there will not be life on earth. In other words, we "eat sunlight" whenever we eat salad, greens and vegetables.
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