5 health benefits of pregnancy for women

5 health benefits of pregnancy for women

Immediately after marriage, the next thing a woman wished for is to get pregnant. Up till now many women have not realised the health benefits of pregnancy or in other words, most women do not have the knowledge that there are lots of health benefits attached to being pregnant, and some of the benefits still extends after the pregnancy.

On the other hand, some women are bothered about pregnancy. Whenever they imagine the experience associated with pregnancy, it scares them a lot. Experience such as difficulty body changes and symptoms throughout the different trimesters. Yes, we all agree that there are difficult changes involved, but the various health benefits that are involved in pregnancy is greater than the difficulties experienced.

In this post i am going to be talking about just 5 ways in which pregnancy can be beneficial to the health of women. So, read through to understand what they are and what they are all about.

5 Health benefits of pregnancy for women

1. Longer life expectancy
There is a phenomenon called Microchimerism, and it occurs during pregnancy. Microchimerism is a process that involves foetal cells from the baby remaining in the mother's body after child birth. A study revealed that women with male microchimerism present in their bodies are more likely to live longer than those without it. A possible reason behind the phenomenon is that microchimerism could be boosting the woman's defence against cancer.

2. Less likely to develop breast cancer
Pregnancy and breastfeeding decreases the number of a woman's menstrual cycle in her entire lifetime. As a result of this, a woman's chances of being exposed to endogenous hormones are also reduced. Women who experience shorter exposure to endogenous hormones are less at risk of having breast cancer.

3. Minimal risk for gynaecological cancers                                 
Women that have never experienced pregnancy or have never been pregnant in their life are more at risk of developing gynaecological cancers such as; ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. The more pregnancies you have, the less cell division takes place in your lifetime, thereby lowering the risk of developing endometrial and uterine cancers.

4. Less painful menstrual periods
Painful menstrual periods is quite common, it is mostly experienced by women that have never been pregnant before compared to those that have been. Menstrual periods can be very painful for many women. However, there have been cases of women who experience less menstrual pain and discomfort after they have given birth. Pregnancy and giving birth could sometimes correct some structural problems in the pelvis which causes pain during menstruation.

5. Improve overall health
Pregnancy could end up strengthening the woman's immune system, which will make her to be less vulnerable to diseases and infections. In the process of improving the overall health, it could also provide women with thicker and stronger hair, as stated in a report.

These are some health benefits women derived from pregnancy, feel free to add others in the comment box below.

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