tips for preventing motion sickness

It can be clearly observed that during festive periods (just like the Christmas and new year celebration that we just finished observing) people tends to travel a lot, during the process of visiting loved ones who resides in different locations. And these trips most at times covers very long distances. While indulging in such trips, many people tends to develop what is known as "motion sickness". Let us look at the tips for preventing motion sickness.

What is motion sickness?
Motion sickness (also known as kinetosis, sea sickness, or air sickness) happens once 2 motion messages to the brain conflict. One motion message comes from labyrinth (the inner ear) that controls balance and another motion message is from eyes. Throughout this transformation in position caused by travel, these two motion messages conflict, thereby inflicting illness (motion sickness). Majority of people who have older experiences of motion sickness within the past ought to ask a health care personnel the way to stop another episode from occurring in future.

Risk Factor
Prior history of the illness causes stress and anxiety that successively will increase the danger of motion sickness.

Dizziness, nausea, and infrequently puking (vomiting), fatigue and complexion (looking pale), non-vertiginous dizziness-associated symptoms like headache, tiredness, cold bodily function (cold sweat) and flushing.

Tips for preventing Motion Sickness

·         Avoid excessive food and liquids that cause you to feel unusually full. heavy food, spicy, fat wealthy food makes one more sick.
·         Sit within the front seat of the automobile.
·         Do not browse whereas traveling.
·         Open a vent or supply of recent (fresh) air if it can be achieved.
·         Avoid travel throughout troublesome climate (For example: storm, giant waves, air turbulence).
·         Avoid travel with troublesome parcel, frequent acceleration and deceleration.
·         Avoid travel wherever the visibility is reduced.

Favorable Position with Least Motion

Plane: Over wing.
Car: Front seat (driver or passenger).
Boat: Level nearest to water surface with face towards the waves and far from the rocking bow.
Bus: Sit close to front at the bottom level facing forward
Train: Sit at the bottom level facing forward.

Over the counter medication meclizine will be terribly effective. Medications like meclizine, Cyclizine and promethazine will be very useful in the treatment of motion sickness.

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  1. Have you not thought of using Nevasic?

    1. Thanks for that reminder, i nearly skipped that. Nevasic is also an effective drug for fighting motion suckness, nausea and vomiting.


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