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Every year millions of people make new year resolutions but almost eighty percent people fail to keep them, in the end placing ourselves up for failure. January can be a tough month. On the one hand we are satisfied to get back again to our routine and discipline of work and start our new year resolutions however then again we brace ourselves for a month with little cash, long dark evenings and lowered immune systems which could result in contamination of sickness and affects our mental health.

A part of the purpose that we cannot deliver on our new year resolutions may be due to the truth that they are non-realistic. it can be better to introduce 'bite length' changes into our lives (small achievable dreams) rather than a thorough series of adjustments in any individual aspect of our lives. The following are some new year tips for  a better mental health

 Mindful breathing
Do not underestimate the potency of the breath. while life feels busy and pressured we often forget about to make the effort to pause. Take a moment with none disturbance to capture your breath.

Deep conscious breathing calms the CNS (Central Nervous System), decreases strain levels, aids digestion and lowers blood pressure. Attempt it. Place one hand onto your chest and the other on your stomach. Breathe in through your nostril deeply, then breathe out through your nostril slowly and evenly. Repeat this several times at some stage in the day, in particular when you begin to turn out to be aware of your stress triggers.

Worry less
Avoid stressing your mind on thinking and ruminating. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that by the year 2030, greater humans will be affected by melancholy (depression) than any other health problems.

Do not join the bandwagon, make it a resolution to look after your mental health in the same manner as you look after your physical health. One of the leading mindfulness advocates Jon Kabat-Zinn talks about growing our intellectual muscle through meditation in the same way as we develop a physical muscle through workout.

We frequently go about our day on auto pilot, disturbing about what has passed off or stressing out about what's going to happen. Worrying about our destiny or regretting the past wastes creative energy and time, leaving us feeling anxious and exhausted.

A mindful intervention could be to observe what triggers your bouts of worrying and anxiety. Pause, convey yourself back to the present moment, breathe deeply, cut off the ruminating mind and if something needs attention, set apart a time to cope with it.

Exercise - (Mindful walking)
You do not have to pound the treadmill to get active this January. Any exercising, especially taking walks, releases endorphins that are naturally occuring chemical compounds that make us experience happiness, and boosts energy levels. Studies shows that simply working small extra movements into your day has remarkable health benefits.

Mindful walking includes intentionally getting to enjoy taking walks itself. So consequently in case you found out that you are absorbed in your thoughts, try to carry yourself back simply to the sensations of taking walks.

Do not forget to be happy
Now and again we get so bogged down in troubles and worries that we forget about to be happy. because the saying goes, "Happiness is not a destination, it is a way of life". A new year resolution might be to build in some play time into your existence in which you may enjoy your own company through seeing films you want watch, or joining a drama club or dance class, just for the fun of it.
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