Things to know about Stress headache and its treatment

Stress headche
Headache merely means pain felt in head, either one or both sides or all over the head. International headache society divides headache into 2 varieties like primary and secondary headaches. Primary headache means that headache isn't related to any cause. Secondary headache means that headache is related to another underlying illness. Tension or stress kind headache is one of the categories of primary headache. Tension kind headache (commonly referred to as stress headache) encounters 69% of the individuals with primary headache. Stress headache is outlined as chronic head pain with bilateral tight, band like discomfort. the most reason for stress headache is anxiety, aggressive nature, poor posture and depression. 

Clinical symptoms of Stress Headache
·         Headache starts suddenly and will increase bit by bit.
·         It is a type of chronic headache.
·         Its intensity of pain fluctuates every minute and will last additional or less unendingly for many days and months. this sort of headache has typical characteristics.
·         Headache is also episodic (pain attack on and off), or chronic (present over ten to fifteen days per month).
·         Patients have throbbing form of pain in stress headache. Pain kind has not pulsatile quality as in migraine. Pressure and alteration sensations area unit felt in head.
·         Location of the pain is sometimes occipitonuchal (nape of the neck), occipitofrontal (front of the forehead), bilateral, and fronto occipital region (all over the head).
·         It is not aggravated by physical activity and intense light-weight.
·         Patient complains regarding band like compression pain in head. it's going to be induced by excess stress and worry.
·         Difficulties associated with concentrating are experienced.
·         Insomnia (disturbances whereas sleeping) could disturb patient’s life.

Clinical approach for actual identification for TTH (tension type headache) in persons with headache is absence of usual signs and symptoms related to headache. Stress headaches aren't related to nausea, vomiting, photophobia (extreme sensitivity to light), osmophobia (increased sensitivity or headache because of odours), throbbing, flashing lights, blind spots, or numbness or weakness of the arms or legs and aggravation with movement. Presence of 1 or additional of those clinical options is the main distinction from stress headache.

International headache society explicit  definition of stress headache as, presence of assorted combinations of clinical features such as nausea, or photophobia, however the former definition does not contain this, this means that there are thus much difficulties in identification of stress headache.

Pathophysiology Behind Stress Headache
It is not clearly understood. Presence of TTH is because of primary illness of central nervous system pain modulation mechanism that is absent within the migraine, which hampers generalized disturbance of sensory pathway. Some research worker suggests that TTH is because of genetic cause, the same as migraine. A number of them explicit
that pain is because of tension within the nervous system. Muscle contraction is additionally present in stress form of headache.

Treatment for TTH
Sometimes patient doesn't concentrate to the headache, and gets relieved by pain killer. Typically this over the counter pain killer could increase the possibility of overuse headache. Numerous techniques are used to relieve stress headache:

Hot and cold compress: Patient could get relief from pain by the use of hot and cold pack. Hot pack causes increase in blood circulation within the head and removes waste products and toxins that area accountable for pain such as substance p (neurotransmitters that produces pain). Hot compress ought to be done five times each day. It gives symptomatic relief. Some patients area ok with cold compresses. It creates "Lewis hunting reaction " which means continuous constriction of blood vessels followed by continuous vasodilatation of blood vessels which successively causes removal of toxins and reduces pain.

Pharmacological Treatment

Nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medicine ( NSAIDs ) - It works by reducing the amount prostaglandin synthesis, reduced quantity of production of monoamine neurotransmitter, and block blood platelet aggregation.

Ibuprofen - it's the first line of treatment. it's utilized in gentle to moderate headache.

Naproxen - It is also used for headache. indefinite quantity

Acetyl salicyclic acid - This agent helps to alleviate gentle to moderate headache. It works by inhibiting prostaglandin production

Barbiturates - it is best utilized in conjunction with Aspirin and Acetaminophen. Precaution ought to be taken with the use of barbiturates as a result of, its overuse doesn't relieve headache however will increase headache. It works by depression of the central nervous system.

Analgesics - sporadic headache is best treated by analgesics. Acetaminophen may be a best example of this. It is utilized in patients with hypersensitivity of the gastrointestinal tract.
Analgesic with antiemetic drug or sedatives - This relieves acute pain and possibilities of vomiting or both.

Measures to forestall Stress Headache
Techniques like training program and relaxation medical care are used to eliminate stress.

Biofeedback training: This method includes management and relaxation of sustained contracted  muscle to relieve pain and tightness. Headache is also mitigated by relaxation of neck, shoulder and arm muscles. It improves outcome with the assistance of visual positive feedback. During this treatment, patient is connected to one specialised device that is created for mere function and provides feedback regarding contracted muscle tension, pulse and respiratory pattern. It induces pain relief moreover as provides relaxation.

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT): These techniques involves speak medical care with self, to relieve tension. It additionally reduces attack of headache and severity of pain. Talking with yourself is typically beneficial to alleviate mental tension.

Other relaxation techniques: Deep respiratory, yoga , meditation and muscle relaxation helps to boost circulation in brain and to scrub out waste products which turns out into pain sensation. Modifications within the lifestyles area necessary like correct sleep, smoking cessation, physical exercises, diet, and proper association. Avoid excess intake of alcohol, caffeine and sugar. Typically massage is additionally useful. It relieves excess tension in muscle, and improves circulation in back, neck and head.

These top stated modalities; pharmacological therapy, cognitive therapy and relaxation could facilitate to alleviate headache. Stress headache isn't as severe as migraine. It may be cured totally with some modifications within the lifestyle.
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