Preventing An Injection Abscess

Preventing an injection abscess
Injection abscess

Before we look into the various methods of preventing injection abscess, let us first of all educate our minds about some useful knowledge of what injection abscess is all about.

First of all what is an Abscess?

An abscess could be a pus crammed mass, typically caused by infection. An abscess is considered warmth when touched and principally painful. It can occur on any a part of your body.

Secondly, what is an Injection Abscess?

An injection abscess is an abscess that happens at the site of injection, typically occurring a number of days once an injection have been administered. It is quite common within the muscles of the buttocks (gluteus maximus, gluteus medius and gluteus minimus). Rarely, the abscess breaks open on its own and releases the pus. In most cases it needs surgical intervention. The doctor cuts open the abscess to assist in voidance of the pus and relief from symptoms.

Symptoms of Injection Abscess

These symptoms occur after the administration of an njection.

1. A painful swelling that is warmth when touched.
2. Fever will develop if the abscess is big or spreads to deeper tissues.

Visit your doctor if you are experiencing the above mentioned symptoms. The doctor can examine the abscess and decide future course of action.

Treatment of Injection Abscess

If the abscess is little, the doctor could merely impose antibiotics that may guarantee complete cure. If the symptom is massive, incision and voidance (draining of the ous) will be carried out. After administering anaesthesia, the doctor opens the abscess and drains the pus. The procedure is followed by bandaging the portion and prescription of antibiotics. The anaesthesia makes the procedure painless.
Draining pus from an injection abscess
Draining pus from an injection abscess

Prevention of Injection Abscess

Injection abscesses occur typically as a result of entry of infectious organisms during the process of needle penetration into the skin. Ensure that antiseptic measures are used
before administering the injection at the hospital/clinic.

1. Ensure that the portion of skin to be injected is cleaned with spirit before administration of injection.
2. Ensure a brand new syringe and needle are used for the injection.
3. Never hesitate to raise any queries. If aseptic methods aren't practiced, you have got the proper right to ask, and you have got the right to refuse the injection.
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