What you need to know about Obesity, the new-age epidemic

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An epidemic is anything that spreads apace and affects an extraordinarily sizable amount of individuals at the same time. There will be a speedy rise within the variety of recent cases well higher than the outlined baseline. By this simple definition, Obesity fits the bill rather absolutely. Obesity could be described as a lifestyle sickness. That is, it happens because of a mixture of factors, most notably because of a faulty life style .

Body Mass Index (BMI)
When the (Body Mass Index) BMI of an individual is up to or quite higher 30 kg/meter sq., such a person is alleged to be obese. There are 3 grades of obesity and someone with a BMI equal to or quite higher than 40 kg/meter sq. is alleged to be morbidly obese, or aforesaid to own grade 3 obesity. Obesity is not synonymous to being overweight. A BMI of 25 kg/ meter sq. or higher than that is classified as being overweight.

Causes of Obesity
Like several of the new-age life style diseases, obesity too runs in families. it is a genetic preponderance .Polymorphisms involving the leptin gene or leptin receptor deficiency measures a number of the unremarkably identified genetic risk factors for this fearsome disease.

Along with genes, variety of alternative factors conjointly contribute to the ever increasing modern-day waistlines. These comprises of inactive life style, faulty dietary habits, lack of exercise and also the enormous stress that is rife recently.

Modern day gadgets just like the smartphone, ipad, tablets and laptop have assumed a crucial role within the causation of obesity. People who are constantly hooked onto these devices, become couch potatoes and lack physical exercise. They strain their eyes, however not their bellies and that they keep staring into their laptop screens, either tweeting or facebooking. This becomes a habit and also the mere mention of exercise startles such individuals.

Junk foods contain seasoning [Monosodium glutamate or (MSG)], an ingredient that enhances the taste of a food item however is cytotoxic to the body. High calories with zero nutritional content in these junk foods is that the harbinger of many a malady.
Junk food
In the good  previous days, people accustomed in bending their backs and till their lands manually. This provided adequate physical exercise and they lived well past their prime while not falling sick or harboring diseases like diabetes or cardiovascular disease. However the inactive life style of individuals has inflated the quantity of obese people these days.

Medical Complications because of Obesity
Obesity comes with its fair proportion of alternative medical complications. Obesity will increase the chance of acquiring Diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular disease, arthritis, obstructive sleep apnea, Gastroesophageal Reflux Diseases(GERD), gall bladder stones, and depression. Sadly, doctors are being the victims to the present sickness as a results of their long consulting hours that leaves very little area for exercise, modern-day stresses and unhealthy feeding patterns.

How will we Fight this contemporary Day Epidemic?
The following are some few tested solutions.

Never Skip Breakfast: Regularize your feeding habits. Have a hearty breakfast, which can not solely increase the metabolism throughout the day, however will give you enough energy to expend throughout the day. Do not glut throughout time for dinner. Hand over on junk food, or at least prohibit it to a bare minimum. Have frequent small meals, it is advisable to eat as much as eight times in a very day, with little to moderate servings.
Get Adequate Physical Exercise: Brisk walking for an hour per day can do a world of favour to everyone. It will keep an individual supple and our joints mobile. Walking is economical and injury free. Swimming is another nice option to burn the calories. It conjointly comes with the advantage of being injury free because it could be a non-weight bearing exercise.

Restrict Screen Time: Cut back the screen time to less than an hour per day. By screen time, we mean interactions on the social media platforms and watching tv. These can solely facilitate us in slumping to our chairs and supply no motivation to move around. Play any sort of sport. This not solely helps in coming together with others, however is also a fun manner to remain fit.

Practice Yoga: Yoga is an alternative choice to remain supple. It calms one's mind and conjointly energizes oneself. Studies show that regular apply of yoga will increase the expression of a chemical known as BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), that helps in fighting memory issues, wakefulness and depression.

Those with a BMI of more than 40kg/meter sq. would need bariatric surgery to assist them cut back weight. Although we did not nip this sickness within the bud, we can achieve minimum of hope to halt its progression.
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