19 easy tips to quit smoking for men

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To quit smoking is one of the largest demanding situations to human self-control. Like any other dependency or addiction, the act of quitting smoking will cause real physical and mental counter reactions to the body. There are lots of techniques that will help you give up smoking. These includes nicotine patches, hypnosis, prescription medication and many others.

However little do we understand that by changing some negative habits and maintaining a healthy lifestyle we can combat this dependency without the use of medicine. In this review, we shall be looking at 19 easy tips to quit smoking for men.

1. Make a plan
To effectively detach yourself from smoking habit, you need to identify and cope with your smoking behaviour, the authentic nature of your dependency, and the techniques that work for you. Take the time to consider what type of smoker you are, which moments of your existence call for a cigarette, and why. This may help you to identify which recommendations, strategies or healing procedures may be highly beneficial for you.

2. Exercising/exercising to beat body cravings
Physical activity can lessen nicotine cravings and ease a few withdrawal symptoms. When you want to reach for a cigarette, placed on your running shoes as a substitute, and go out for a long running exercise. Even moderate exercise is useful, which includes taking walks with the Dog or weeding the garden. The greater calories you burn can even ward off weight gain as you embark on your  smoking quitting journey.

3. Bet with a pal
You could even set a bet with a friend and set a date to stop smoking by using a specific closing date. Let the buddy serve as your support system to take you through the process.

4. Avoid alcohol and fizzy liquids
Alcohol is one of the most not unusual triggers, so try to drink much less when you first give up. Fizzy liquids, cola, tea and coffee all make cigarettes flavor higher. So while you are out, drink more water and juice. Some men find that virtually changing their drink, impacts their need to reach for a cigarette.

5. Manage pressure or stress
One of the reasons why  humans smoke is because the nicotine helps them to feel relaxed. After you give up, you will be looking for other ways to cope with stress. Strive getting ordinary massages, listening to relaxing music or getting to know yoga or tai chi. If it be possible, avoid stressful conditions at some stage in the first few weeks after you quit smoking.

6. Baking soda cocktail
Baking soda will increase the pH in urine, in an effort to gradually remove the nicotine already existing inside the body. This effects in less yearning for nicotine. Consume a half of teaspoon of baking soda three times each day. Some other manner of using baking soda to interrupt the habit of smoking is to take two tablespoons of it, mixing it with a tumbler of water, and drinking this mixture after every meal.

7. Fruits and vegetables
Milk, Celery, Carrot, fruits and veggies when taken before smoking, develops a bitter after flavour, compelling the smoker to extinguish the cigarette half way through due to the horrendous flavor it leaves inside the mouth.

8. Quit along with a friend
If pals or family individuals want to give up too, make a suggestion to them that you surrender together. Their encouragement and solidarity should make all the differrnce.

9. Eating meals rich in vitamin C
For instance orange, lemon, amla and guava in greater amount cuts down the urge to smoke. that is due to the fact cigarettes deprive you of vitamin C supply, leaving you with a deficiency which the nicotine fills.

10. Reward yourself
Apart from the exquisite health benefits, one of the perks of giving up cigarettes is all of the cash you may keep. Reward yourself with the aid of spending a part of it on something that will results in fun.

11. Pay a fine
Make a deal with a good friend in order that on every occasion you smoke, you pay a fine for that. this can assist you reduce your smoking addiction.

12. Chewing cinnamon
It is an easy home therapy to reduce your longings for nicotine.

13. Salty meals
Salty meals items like chips, papad, pickle and many others. can be consumed every time one feels an urge to smoke. you could additionally place a few salt at the tip of the tongue, so that it can assist you to kill your urge for smoking. The fragrance of dried fruits enables decrease cravings to smoke.

14. Make non-smoking buddies
While buddies, family, and co-employees smoke round you, it is doubly difficult to quit or keep away from relapse. Your social circles needs to understand that you are converting your conduct so speak about your choice to stop. Associate yourself in a social circle consisting non- smokers who will help you scale back your smoking habit.

15. Sugar-free candy or chewing gums
Sugar-free candy or chewing gums distract one from the urge to smoke by keeping your mouth busy.

16. Cut back on cigarettes progressively
In case you cut back regularly, be sure to set a stop date on which you will quit. Ways to reduce progressively includes; plan how many cigarettes you may smoke every day till your cease date, making the quantity you smoke smaller every day; purchase only one pack at a time; exchange manufacturers so that you do not enjoy smoking as much; supply your cigarettes to someone else, so that you need to ask for them whenever you need to smoke.

17. Have your teeth cleaned
Enjoy the way your teeth look and inspire yourself to keep them that way.

18. Visualise your way to turning into a non-smoker
Take day out to visualise yourself as a non-smoker. You can close your eyes and start to imagine yourself as one. See yourself taking part in a stroll or a jog inside the morning. See yourself turning down a cigarette that a person gives you. See yourself throwing all of your cigarettes away, and winning a gold medal for doing so. broaden your personal creative visualisations.

19. Believe in your self
Believe that you can stop it. Think about some of the most hard things you have got accomplished in your life and recognise that you have got the guts and determination to stop smoking. It is up to you.
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