10 steps in preventing constipation naturally

10 steps in preventing constipation naturally
Lady suffering from constipation

"Constipation is usually caused because of a faulty diet, irregular life-style and additionally mental stress that's best avoided or prevented naturally."
The following steps can be used to prevent constipation naturally:
1.      Eat an easy and natural plant based food, mostly diet consisting of whole grain cereals, ivy-covered greens and fresh fruits/ dry fruits which includes mango, grapes, papaya, tomato, cucumber, pears, guava, gooseberry, fig, apple, raisins, etc. At an equivalent time do note that although fibrous fruits and vegetables are general okay, a extremely fibrous diet could complicate the issue especially once the underlying reason for constipation is internal organ blockage/ obstruction or inflammation owing to jejunitis (inflammation of the small intestine, or jejunum).

2.      Make sure to chew your food properly , and avoid drinking water intermittently while you are feeding.

3.      Eat less of fatty, oily, greasy foods and meat.

4.      Restrict tea, occasional and sweet food stuff together with sugared carbonated beverages or packaged  juices.

5.      Drink a minimum of 8-10 glasses of water daily unless advised otherwise by your Doctor.

6.      Exercise daily for a minimum of thirty to forty five minutes. Brisk walking outside in fresh air is that the best and safest exercise unless you've got joint problems or alternative health problems that compel you from doing therefore. In case, your job may be an inactive one, it's recommended that you take regular breaks from work and walk around slightly for about five minutes some, free yourself and then resume work.

7.      Abdominal massage , daily, either by you yourself or by a trained massager helps not solely in toning the abdominal muscles however additionally facilitate internal organ peristalsis thereby aiding empty bowels.

8.      Sitting in vajrasana post meals/ dinner aid digestion and within the method facilitate getting over the constipation issue too.

9.      Avoid frequent use of purgatives/ laxatives. Use them only when required.

10.  Lastly however, you need to scale back mental stress/ strain, do relaxation exercises together with yoga and meditation daily. it's necessary that you just checkmate your life-style not solely at home however additionally at work. This itself takes away a load of excess stress off you.
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