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Sunday, October 16, 2016

See reasons why vitamin D is good for you

Vitamin D is one of the key and essential vitamins that is good for the body. It is also known as the sunshine vitamin, and it plays vital role in various bodily functions. For example, appropriate level of vitamin D is highly required for your body to absorb calcium. Conversely, deficiency of this same vitamin can lead to severe weakness and deficiencies in the bones.

reasons vitamin D is good for you

The main source of this essential vitamin is sunlight and certain other food items like tuna, salmon, cheese, eggs, etc. In fact, nowadays, several supplements are also available as the number of people suffering from vitamin D deficiency is alarmingly high. Maintaining an adequate level of vitamin D in the body is imperative. Yet, the importance of vitamin D is often overlooked. That is why, today at Enhanced Health Fact, we are revealing to you  the top health benefits of vitamin D and the reasons why they are good for you.

Not only does vitamin D help your body function efficiently, it also protects you from life-threatening diseases. Moreover, not having enough of it puts an individual at a higher risk of developing certain diseases. There is considerable amount of research done in this field.

And these studies have found that vitamin D is far more important than what most people think. Read on to learn more about the reasons vitamin D is good for you.

1. Protects from cardiovascular diseases
Not having the adequate level of vitamin D can increase an individual's chances of getting cardiovascular diseases. It has been recognised as a potential risk factor, so just ensure you're not suffering from vitamin D deficiency to keep such diseases at bay.

2. Can fight off depression
Few studies have established a strong link between low levels of vitamin D and depression. And those studies have also found that ensuring an adequate level of vitamin D is an effective way of fighting off depression.

3. Decreases risk of diabetes
It is often found that people who have low levels of vitamin D are more likely to suffer from type 2 diabetes. By keeping the vitamin D level adequate, you may be able to reduce the risk of developing a lifelong condition like this one.

4. Makes your bones stronger
People often take calcium and vitamin D supplements to strengthen their bones and muscles. On the other hand, vitamin D deficiency may lead to weaker bones and this may cause further complications for a person.

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5. Can fight off infections
Vitamin D is considered to be very effective in fighting off the bacteria that cause viral infections, flu, etc. In fact, people with the right amount of vitamin D in their body are less likely to suffer from this kind of an infection.

6. Cancer prevention
Studies have found that people with an adequate level of vitamin D in their body were at a lower risk of suffering from cancer. While, the ones with a vitamin D deficiency were at a higher risk. Having the right amount of vitamin D in your system can therefore help prevent different types of cancer.

7. Protects from multiple sclerosis
Few studies have found that daily dose of vitamin D can prevent the onset of multiple sclerosis. And for the ones already suffering from this harrowing disease, vitamin D can efficiently subside the symptoms.

These are just 7 of the reasons why vitamin D is good for you. There are so many other health benefits of vitamin D, but the bottom line is that you should try as much as possible to get the appropriate amount needed by your body to stay healthy. Feel free to Tweet and share this post.

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