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Amazing health benefits of sleeping on your left side

Amazing health benefits of sleeping on your left side

Depending on individuals and may be some other factors, different people prefer different sleeping positions. Some prefer sleeping on their left side while other prefer sleeping on the right. But have you ever been advised by your doctor to be sleeping on your left side? If your answer in yes, then i am sure your doctor might have told you the reason behind that. But if your answer is no, the you are in the right place, because in this post we shall be looking at the amazing health benefits of sleeping on your left side.

Proper sleeping pattern is highly necessary in maintaining a healthy body and mind. Your sleeping position can have a great influence on your health. It also aids proper digestion and keeps the skin fresh. At the same time, improper sleeping can trigger the stress hormone in the body, resulting to several diseases and weight gain.

Sleeping on your left side is said to greatly improve the health and save life. It also promotes proper digestion process. Sleeping on your left side provides relief for back pain, enhance the cardiac health, reduces heart burns and also aids in the better elimination of waste products.

There are various amazing health benefits of sleeping on your left side but in this post we shall be looking at some of them. Read on to follow the list below.

1. Aids better sleep during pregnancy
Pregnant mothers are always advised by their doctors to sleep on their left side, because this is an ideal sleeping position for them. This sleeping position prevents the liver from applying pressure on the womb (uterus) and it also promotes proper blood circulation.

2. better lymphatic drainage
In the human anatomy, lymphatic system is a connection of tissue and organs that carries a fluid called lymph. The lymph helps in getting rid of toxins from the body. In our body, the lymphatic system is located towards the left side. Hence, sleeping on the left results in proper functioning of the lymphatic system.

3. Elimination of waste products
Another benefits of sleeping on your left side is that it enables easy movement of foods from the small intestine to the large intestine, thereby allowing proper elimination of waste products. 

4. Reduces heartburn
Sleeping on your left side reduces the acid reflux in your body. When we sleep in a wrong direction, it may cause the stomach acid to enter the oesophagus pathway, which will eventually cause heartburn and discomfort in the GI (Gastrointestinal) tract.

5. Relief from back pain
It is impossible for people with back pains to sleep comfortably with their back. Sleeping on their left side provides a great relief for them from back pain. It tends to reduce pressure from the spine and therefore reduces back pain.

6. Aids better digestion
Another health benefits of sleeping on your left side is that it aids better digestion. How can we achieve this through this sleeping pattern? The stomach and pancreas makes up the digestive system. When we sleep on our left side, it allows these organs to lie comfortably and helps us to carry out the digestive process properly.



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